Business & Market Research

Know your buinsess

Business research is a process of acquiring detailed information of all the areas of business and using such information in maximizing the sales and profit of the business. Such a study helps companies determine which product/service is most profitable or in demand. A Research process for a business is Spinal Code for its future aspects.

Industry Profiling

Industry Profiling, is in-depth documents that give insight into an industry, where it came from, and where it appears to be going. A typical report looks at the industry leaders, forces affecting the industry and financial data for the industry. Industry profiles have several uses for business owners, particularly if you're thinking of starting a new business or expanding a business. Investors also use industry profiles to explore opportunities, as do job seekers who are looking to move to a new industry before investing in new training or education. A good profile should tell you the size of the industry compared to the size of the market and how well the industry as a whole is doing.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats. Competitive research or competitive intelligence is a field of strategic research that specializes in the collection and analysis of information about rival firms. It's an essential tactic for finding out what your competitors are doing and what kind of threat they present to your financial well-being.

Company / Client Analysis

A customer analysis (or customer profile) is a critical section of a company's business plan or marketing plan. It identifies target customers, ascertains the needs of these customers, and then specifies how the product satisfies these needs. Customer analytics is a process by which data from customer behavior is used to help make key business decisions via market segmentation and predictive analytics. This information is used by businesses for direct marketing, site selection, and customer relationship management.

Product Research

Product research is the marketing research that provides information on the desired characteristics of a product or service. Product research helps companies to understand what the customers really want, so that the product can be tailored to match the needs of the need to conduct thorough research to find out:1. Whether the product or service might be successful, 2. If there are similar products on the market, 3. Which are the best ways to develop, manufacture and sell your own.

Market Expansion

It is a process of offering a product or service to a wider section of an existing market or into a new demographic, psychographic or geographic market. Market expansion is a business growth strategy. Companies adopt a market expansion strategy when their growth peaks in existing channels. Success depends on confirming that they have fulfilled existing markets. Companies must then identify other markets that are easy to reach. Companies investigating potential markets must take stock of their capabilities and assets. These may include new or existing products with an appeal in untapped areas. Through what channels will they meet these potential customers? Companies must consider who new customers are. Then they can engage them with a specific brand message.

“ ” The thing We preach constantly is do your research; build your knowledge base. Dont just go into business on a whim or a prayer - and Dont think 'I am an entreprenure, so I have to take risks', Entreprenure dont take risks. They take calculated risks, only the good ones.

Research is creating new knowledge. The enterprise that does not innovate ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change such as the present the decline will be fast. Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Customers are transforming faster than we are, and if we dont catch up, we’re in trouble.